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Unique “self-sufficient” urban communal neighborhood model

Property Description

This new urban village is being established in Sderot that is planned according to our unique “self-sufficient” urban communal neighbourhood model. The new Urban Village of Sderot will be established through a holistic approach, utilizing a mixed-use supporting infrastructure to provide residents with the day-to-day needs within walking distance.


258 units will be built in 8 buildings that are connected by an open community area where the community complexes will be built, such as, offices, a shared work space, work clinics and studios, a nursery for children, community gardens, a neighbourhood cafes and more.


In addition, the Urban Village of Sderot is designed according to the highest green and sustainable standard in Israel for residential buildings, which will dramatically improve quality of life for residents and lower costs of energy consumption in apartments and neighbourhoods.


One of the leading companies in Israel, doing the Construction , has begun executing the project (and will continue once the security situation permits) and expects the first buildings to be occupied during the first quarter of 2026.


Rooted in the belief that towns in the Negev and Galilee are the future growth engines of Israel, the  mission to lead and break new ground in urban renewal. Its vision is to create a different and attractive living experience, allowing tens of thousands of families to stay, return, and move to the centres of Negev and Galilee cities.

Together, they continue to build a nation.


3 to 5 Rooms

Unit size:

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Starting from 1,310,000 NIS Each floor +10,000 NIS


המחירים כפופים לשינוי


Options & Prices

  • 3 rooms 2-bedroom apartment 83.5 square meters + 11.85 square meters balcony 2nd floor From  1,310,000 NIS Each floor +10,000 NIS

  • 4 rooms 3-bedroom apartment 107.22 m2 + 11.85 balcony 1st floor From 1,510,000 NIS Each floor +10,000 NIS

  • 5 rooms 4- Bedrooms apartment 139.9 square meters + 11.85 balcony From 1,810,000 NIS Each floor + 10,000 NIS

Prices Subject to Change

Payment Options

Property Location

Sderot, Israel

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