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A No-Deal Brexit or Jeremy Corbyn? – I Fear We Could End Up With Both


Here’s why...

There are three very possible scenarios:

1. A No Deal Brexit causes chaos.

The UK leaves the European Union on October 31st without a deal. Chaos ensues. The ports become gridlocked with full-on customs checks. Supermarket shelves start emptying as food cannot get to them on time. The NHS runs out of medicines causing the suspension of operations and hospitals turning away patients.

Corbyn says: “I told you so”. The demoralised and hopelessly divided Tories cannot muster any effective election campaign. Corbin wins.

2. A No Deal Brexit is smooth with little disruption

Project Fear 2 fails to materialise and Brexit is no longer a general election issue. The NHS, education and the economy become the issues of the day once again. A hopelessly divided Tory party cannot effectively fight Corbyn’s Marxist economic promises that follow years of austerity. Corbyn wins.

3. Johnson makes a Brexit deal

(ok, it’s not a no deal Brexit) and everything is smooth

Boris Johnson manages to stop the backstop agreement, but the Brexit party still see this as a sell-out. They want a clean break from Europe. Nigel Farage fields candidates in all 650 constituencies, splitting the anti-Corbyn vote in all the Tory marginals, giving Corbyn victory with only a 30% share of the national vote.


I pray and hope that none of this will come to be. I’m not a Brexiteer, and I’m certainly no fan of Boris Johnson, but anything but Corbyn. His economic polices have been miserable failures in every single country that has adopted them. He is of course, a clear and present danger to the Jews of Britain.

But, of all the possible scenarios, I believe no.1 to be a very serious possibility.

In all events Sterling will collapse…even further.

Good Jews of Britain. The UK is caught between the frying pan and the fire. Don’t waste any more time. Take your money out of the UK and invest in Israel today, before everything is lost .

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