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Israeli realtors in Anglo areas are currently inundated with foreign purchasers!

That would seem to be a little bizarre considering the fact that Israel’s borders are closed at the moment.

Yet, apartments are still being bought, without the purchasers being physically present.

How is this, and why?

Well, here are a few reasons to start

1. In Israel, it is standard procedure to buy an apartment that is not yet built. In other

words, buying ‘off paper’. When that is the case, there is nothing to be seen anyway

apart from the location - and most buyers know about the location they want to buy

2. When buying on paper, we go through the plans of the apartment with the purchaser,

we look at computer generated images or an artist’s impression as to how the building

and the apartments will look and we try to help them imagine what the view will look

like. This includes, showing videos of the area and drone footage of the views.

3. Investment Properties. For many purchasers of investment properties, the actual

apartment is less important. They are more interested in the yield and future capital

gains. They are often sufficiently satisfied with pictures, videos and the due diligence we

do with the accountants, mortgage brokers and lawyers.

4. Buy to Live: This is a little trickier and most people feel the need to see the actual

apartment, because there is a limit as to what a camera can show you. Nevertheless –

often the purchaser only wants to move in a few years. For them, they are more

interested in climbing the property ladder in Israel and maintaining the value of the

assets. If the purchaser eventually decides that he wants to move, he has his asset that

has maintained its value (in most cases will have increased in value) and he can then

use that.

5. Yet others are just doing their homework now, and as soon the borders reopen, they

will jump on a plane, see the options we have prepared for them and then they will

make their decision.

To watch the speed at which these projects are being sold is literally dizzying. Our best sellers are sold out, and we are constantly having to find new options with similar specs. We are at the point where there are so many options, it gives us great leverage, having the ability to handpick what we can see are the best value for money, best location, and so forth.

Whichever route you want to take, we would recommend that you join now and let us start the research now. Timing could not be better

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