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The 5 big expenses when buying a home

Trevor Stamelman from Israel Properties explains that buyers must be aware of the 5 main expenses when buying a home:

  • Purchase price – the largest expense

  • Real estate agent’s fee

  • Lawyer’s fee

  • Mortgage broker’s fee

  • Purchase tax – this can vary from 0-9%

Some places may also need renovating and refurbishing, adding more to the final cost of the property.

Therefore, it’s very important that you sit with a good, honest and reliable real estate agent who will talk through all the costs that are relevant to your situation. This will help you budget properly and enable you to know how much you can really afford.

Whether you want to buy in a new project, a resale, in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Modiin, Bet Shemesh, Tiberias, Netanya and Ranaana, Israel properties have agents ready to advise to help you get the best property, in the best location at the best price.

Call us today for a consultation and we can help you find an affordable that is suitable for your needs.

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