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Why use an agent when you can buy yourself?


It's a good question! 

If a person wants to buy a home, theoretically, they can do it themselves. 

There are free websites with listings of homes for sale, developers advertise their construction details and anyone can easily pick up the phone and make appointments to see apartments.

So why should you hire an agent?

Firstly, an agent will do all the dirty work for you. 

By listening to your needs, they will help you consider the best options for you. 

They will find apartments or projects appropriate for you, will make the appointments and physically go with you to see them. 

These things are helpful, and nice - but there are factors that are a lot more important than simple convenience.

Additionally and of equal if not more importance -  a good agent will know the value of the property that you're seeing.

He will have comparisons, and he will know if it's overpriced, how long it's been on the market, how desperate the sellers are to sell, and he'll know what similar properties go for in the area.

He can differentiate between the more sought after projects, areas, properties, and the more reputable contractors.

The agent factors in things that a seller or project contractor does not necessarily deem critical. Is it an Anglo area, is it close to the right shul, the right community? What religious flavor lives around there?

A good agent is good at negotiating - it is what they do - and will do his best to negotiate the best price for you. Sometimes you can even get sweeteners added to the deal, see here.

It often turns out that the discount the agent can negotiate is greater than his fee.

So yes, you can do all this work yourself, but by using an agent you can actually save money, and more importantly, avoid some very scary and costly mistakes.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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