Location: (NP-RA03)

New Exclusive Project in the heart of the city. It only takes a keen eye to see opportunities in the right place, at the right time!!!


Luxury real estate for investment or to live in, is about to become your reality! In a luxurious newly built elegant project located in Ra'anana. Here is an opportunity to buy new apartments direct from the builder: 4 and 5 room apartments with patios, garden apartments and even penthouses.


The project is located in the centre of town, in the most desirable location in Ra'anana. Most importantly, the apartments are priced competitively. So if you would like to be in a new neighbourhood, and influence who your neighbours will be, share this with your friends and family.

Property Details

  • 3 years to keys

  • Location is prime Area near Ahuza

  • 5 Buildings A/B/C/D/E

  • 2 levels of underground parking

  • All 5 buildings joined together by gardens and surrounded by trees creating a green village feel and atmosphere

  • 2 Elevators 1 Shabbat

  • 3 main Bet Knesset near to project, high-level Anglo area

  • 8 levels selling to level 7

  • Mini penthouse 132 sqm and 30 sqm Terrace POA

  • All units parking 4 rooms 1 parking 5 rooms 2 parking’s tandem Penthouse and Duplex 2 parking’s side by side​



  • Garden Units NIS 3,500,000

  • 4 rooms 97 sqm NIS 2,500,000

  • 5 room 134 sqm NIS 3,100,000 – 1st floor each
    (additional floor NIS 25,000)

  • Duplex 5 room 170 sqm –NIS 5,000,000

  •  Penthouse 143 sqm POA​​​


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