Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled  

Location: ISRAEL (NP-RBSD04)

nativ 5.png

Adjacent to Beit Shemesh G level is an ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood currently set up in Ramat Beit Shemesh D, a neighbourhood that will include several boroughs with more than 8,000 housing units.

District 1, located in the northern ridge of the neighbourhood, will contain approximately 1,400 housing units.

These days, neighbourhood infrastructure development work is taking place at a very advanced pace.

The occupants of the project will enjoy a rare quality of life in a large spacious apartment with utilized and meticulous planning that suits the needs of the ultra-Orthodox sector and high-level technical specifications.

The project will include approximately 280 housing units and commercial areas in 10 buildings in an excellent location on the central avenue south of Tel Yarmouth and adjacent to the commercial areas, the main arteries of the neighbourhood and the populated neighbourhoods in Beit Shemesh.

Options sizes and prices

  • 3 rooms without option 78 sqm + 51 sqm balcony 
    1,300,000 NIS

  • With option 1,337,000 NIS

  • 3 rooms 83 sqm + balconies 42 sqm without option
    1,312,000 NIS

  • 5 room penthouse 140 sqm + balcony 64 sqm 1,973,000 NIS

       + 99 sqm balcony 2,225,000 NIS

       + Balcony 77 sqm entire floor 2,494,000 NIS