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Featured New Project – Residential 


Location: ISRAEL (NP-TELS01)

Located in a prime location among the hills of Jerusalem, in the heart of the community of Telz-Stone and the Torah-based community beating within, a residential project will be built to provide a perfect solution for young couples, for people looking to improve their housing and for every family, in the midst of the intoxicating landscapes of Jerusalem, at the point where the Judean mountains meet with the entrances of the Plains and the hills of the holy city of Jerusalem.


Located near the highway leading to the capital, Telz Stone is the only town of its kind in Israel. The uncompromising

ultra-Orthodox community, on the one hand, and the fascinating human diversity on the other, makes the community a

centre of attraction for tens and hundreds of families, people looking to upgrade their residence, young couples, families from Israel and immigrants from many countries.


The yeshivas, the Kollels and the Torah institutions, flourish and prosper throughout the town, illuminating the lives of the residents with the light of Torah. Tezl-Stone is a current centre of ultra-Orthodox life but also as a future for the ultra-Orthodox community in the Jerusalem envelope.

Tezel-Stone is located in the best location in the country, within minutes from Jerusalem and the country’s main highway, and less than half an hour's drive to Bnei Brak and central Israel. Public transportation is efficient and accessible to every ultra-Orthodox center in the country. All educational institutions are located close to the heart of the city. Consumerism, shops, health and community services are accessible and available, complementing the perfect fabric of Torah and community life. Living in Telz-Stone means enjoying a quality community, a flourishing ultra-Orthodox-based culture, without sacrificing the highest quality and prestige!


It is exactly at this location that the prestigious "Mevo'ot Yerushalayim" project is being built, offering you optimal deal: uncompromising top quality housing in the best location.


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