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Be'er Sheva
Location: ISRAEL (NP-BESH01)


In the heart of Be'er Sheva, the capital of opportunities in Israel, the construction of the largest residential park in Israel – with phase 1 complete and occupied  A new and promising residential complex, which includes more than 2,300 housing units in 17 26-30-story towers in the heart of the city. Central Park 17 is  built on the site of the legendary Wassermill football stadium, and will include a school, gardens, commercial areas, a spacious central park, a country club and more.


The neighbourhood will offer its residents all the best that Be'er Sheva has to offer - a quality of life in the most promising city centre in Israel, with everything important in and around it: business centres, knowledge and academia centres, cultural and leisure centres, easy access to major transportation routes and more.

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sizes & prices


  • 4 rooms size 108 m2 and balcony 17m2 from

  • 5 rooms size 130 m2 and balcony 20 m2 from

  • Mini Penthouse 2 per floor size 175 m2 and 55 m2 balcony from 5 rooms 


Complex specifications

  • 20% signing 

  • Keys  October 2022 

  • For families 

  • Social 

  • Communities mixed and diverse

  • High rental area with higher than average returns

  • Variety tenants 

  • Bio Tech 

  • Near to transport routes and main arteries in and out od city

  • Near to shops and all entertainment

Project Specifications

  • 4 Buildings out of 17 occupied at June 2022  

  • Current Available floors from 17 and up in this phase

  • 29 floors

  • All with mini air conditioning systems 

  • All with Machsans/storage rooms  

  • All with Parking 

  • 4 lifts in lobby 

  • Function room 



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