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​We have Buyers & Investors!
Lots of Quality Buyers & Investors!

Sellers / Developers / Builders
Israel Properties represents sellers and developers/builders offering their properties and their new projects by providing them with local and foreign qualified buyers and investors helping them promote and sell their properties and projects and services and assisting them and their buyers and investors throughout the process.

We are an English speaking company, having the benefits of partners who are Anglos, but who speak Hebrew fluently, and who know both foreign buyers requirements, as well as local seller needs. We are therefore able to represent you with the industry and local knowledge and experience required to handle the current property trends in Israel.


We want your business, and we want to sell for you.

We tick all the boxes for you and have great marketing, ensuring your property will get the best exposure, which will attract the best buyers.

Perhaps there is something in particular you have seen and that you want, we will help you with that of course.
By sending us an enquiry, with the particular property in question indicated, we will contact you and start the process.

​We help Sellers/Developers/Builders by:

  • We provide quality buyers. Buyers who are serious, qualified to purchase, have the means and the mechanisms
    to do so.

  • We know the process well, and we help our sellers by working together with the lawyers, engineers, and all others involved ensuring a smooth, efficient and quick process.

  • We know the area, the prices, the demands and the requirements, including how to handle the additional building that most people have, which can often cause challenges when the time comes to.....

  • We manage expectations, ensuring that you know what will be involved, preventing disappointment upfront by educating you and making sure you are aware of some hidden costs that some sellers don’t know about…

  • We are completely transparent, honest and work with integrity

  • We provide cutting-edge marketing and activities

  • Focused search engine optimization creating leads

  • Property Photos

  • Videos, virtual tours & professional photography for exclusive properties

  • Paid banner advertising on leading websites generating traffic to promote your property

  • Anglo Orientated advertising and focus

  • Digital social media marketing

  • Facebook posts, adverts, stories, marketplace and videos

  • Linkedin

  • YouTube channel

  • What’s app status

  • Select local and international newspapers and magazines

  • Frequent email blasts

  • Frequent blogs industry relevant information and tips

  • Conferences road shows and exhibitions

  • Periodic Promotions – Last year: 'Win an Island holiday in Cyprus"

  • Cooperation with all area Realtors

  • Database of clients and investors

  • Years of experience

  • Proven successful track record

Our Service is excellent, and we look forward to working for you!

Our first job, is to understand what you want. • We LISTEN. • We ask the right questions, and aim to understand fully what your requirements are.  We manage expectations, by starting with your wish list, and then by giving you actual examples of what you can and can’t get in your particular area, price range, timing, and a whole host of other aspects that with our leading questions we will get you to think about.  We establish your key criteria  We give you an idea of your expected ‘real costs’…all those extra things that you very possibly don’t yet know about.

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