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Safed - Tzfat  
Location: ISRAEL (NP-TZFAT01)

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New project between Mount Canaan and the entrance to the city of Safed in the new neighborhood of Mitzpe Hayamim. On the highest hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee, a neighborhood will be built that will include about 850 housing units. With 244 housing units in 18 buildings with a diverse apartment mix.

Living, living room and balcony specifications

  • Electric roller shutter + Shabbat clock at the exit to the balcony

  • High-quality interior doors Flexboard filling + water resistance

  • Main entrance door – oven paint

  • Preparation for the system of mini-central air conditioner

  • Garden faucet on the balcony or in the garden


Bathroom specifications

  • Bathroom flooring for everyone 15*60, anti-slip slim-like

  • Base cabinet 60-80 cm with integral sink in all bathrooms

  • Ceramic cladding in luxury tiled bathrooms 30/60 or 20/50 or 25/50

  • 4 way interfacing in the shower

  • Hanging toilets

General specifications

  • Granite-porcelain flooring size 60*60 / 80*80 (a selection of models to choose from)

  • Deck-like sun deck flooring

  • Shabbat clock for David

  • Bedroom windows with electric scrolling + Shabbat clock preparation

  • Kitchen cabinets + unit 5 – BI MA in 3,4 room apartments, 6 MA in apartments 5 rooms or more, 10 MA penthouses and special apartments + drawers for quiet closing.

General specifications

  • 4 rooms from NIS1.570.000 – 1.690.000 size 99.86 – 100.83m2 and balcony 8.64 – 9.25m2

  • 4 rooms Penthouse from NIS2.200.000 size 125.61m2 and balcony 19.49m2

  • 5 rooms Penthouse from NIS2.220.000 size 138.7m2 and balcony 27.83m2

  • 5 rooms Garden apartments from NIS2.370.000 sized 119.54 – 121.28m2 and yard 57.17 – 64.63 m2


Prices Subject to Change 


Contact us and meet with us for availability and more information.

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