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Opening the Skies

Israel's cabinet has been discussing opening the skies and allowing non Israelis to come to Israel for the first time since the Covid pandemic began.

They are penciling in April, just after Pesach.

While this can change, the new vaccine gives us hope that we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.

In just a few months, Jews from all over the world will visit Israel once again, to see their family, friends and also to buy property.

Realtors will be rushed off their feet. The best apartments will be snapped up quickly.

To make sure you are ahead of the game, that you are given the proper service you deserve, it's wise to start the process now.

Whether it's Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bet Shemesh, Modiin, Netanya, Ra’anana or anywhere else in Israel, contact us today to make sure you are ready and that you get the service and agency with experience that you deserve.

We so look forward to hearing from you.

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