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The Best Place to Live in Israel

People often ask where in Israel is the best place to live and everyone always gives a different answer. That's because there are so many wonderful places. Therefore, when considering it, it's important to consider all all your different needs and expectations.

For example, are you single or married? Do you have children? How old are they? Are you retired? Where will you be working? Are you religious or secular? Would you prefer a mixed area? Living on the beach, or a suburb community? How good is your Hebrew? What is your budget?

Below are number of areas popular with Anglos, for you to consider some of your issues:

Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh have both experienced phenomenal growth in the last 10 years. Many new areas being built as you read this. It is city that has a hareidi, modern orthodox and secular population. Sometimes that mix can be explosive, but on the whole the people who live there, love it - including yours truly. It has excellent transport connections to both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as a range of excellent schools. Situated in the mountains, there are also many beautiful hiking trails nearby.

Modiin is a relatively new city built in 1996, but now has a huge population and is one of Israel's fastest growing cities. It is a mixed secular-religious city, with a commuter train to both Tel Aviv and the airport, and a large range of excellent schools, parks and cultural activities. The population is made up of young families

Efrat is a middle-class, modern orthodox community just outside of Jerusalem. Excellent schools service the area and it is very popular for anglos who work in Jerusalem. For those who work in Tel Aviv, they can drive to nearby Bet Shemesh and catch the train from there. It is situated in the West Bank - a plus or minus depending on your political outlook.

Rananna is a well-established upper middle class, mixed secular and religious city with beautiful homes and landscape streets. It is a commuter city to Tel Aviv and the Hi-tech parks nearby.

Tel Aviv is the hub of Israel. It has everything: beach, financial district, hi-tech areas, museums, shopping, bars and even some synagogues :). It's a popular area for singles, both religious and secular.

If you want to live on the beach, but can't afford Tel Aviv, you can consider Ashkelon and Netanya. Netanya is very popular with Anglo retirees and has many cultural activities for them.

Jerusalem is Israel's capital. It has everything...apart from the beach. It has all types of communities, all types of housing, varied cultural activities and high-tech industrial parks. It is very popular with singles, retirees and young families. It has something for everybody.

Israel has so many more cities we could be talking about. There's Haifa, Hertzliya, Nahariya, Tiberias, Harish, Kiryat Gat, Pisgst Zeev, Lod as well as a host of moshavim, kibbutzim and even settlements.

Choosing a place to live is something you need to consider very carefully. We at Israel Properties will be very happy to talk to you and help you think about where the best place for you will be. Contact us today.

In my next blog, we will discuss some excellent investment opportunities we have.

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