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Carmei Gat
Location: ISRAEL (NP-CARMG01)


Beautiful up market apartments available in new neighborhood/area in the center of Israel with stunning parks open green spaces.


The new up and coming community and neighbourhood where there are already hundreds of Anglos choosing to call this their home built in the northern part of Kiryat Gat. Carmei Gat is only 35-40 minutes from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashkelon & Beit Shemesh. The Carmei Gat project includes hundreds of units including 2,3,4-bedroom apartments & Penthouses & Garden options and Cottages with options for private pool.

The area has all the community services and amenities parks, schools, religious communal life, shopping, restaurants, and medical facilities. Add in the two new major shopping you have all the conveniences you need and more.

Kiryat Gat, only a few minutes away, already has multiple shopping centres with supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, gas stations, bakeries, and more.

Contact us/meet us for available options, sizes and prices


  • 2 Bedroom - 3 room apartment measuring 82 square meters with a balcony 13-41 m - price 1.75-1.87 m

  • 3 Bedroom - 4 room apartment measuring 110 square meters with a balcony 23-30 m - price 1.98-2.01 m

  • 4 Bedroom - 5 room apartment measuring 124 square meters with a balcony 15-18 m - price 2.13-2.195 m

  • Garden apartments, penthouses and cottage options available.


Summary of Technical Specifications

  • A decorated front door

  • Soundproof doors in master bedroom

  • Shades one of them is white

  • Interior doors, flex board 3

  • Another wooden door to the MAMAD

  • Hamat faucets

  • Mosquito nets for all sliding windows

  • Sliding window in mamad - according to the new standard

  • Water taps and gas point on the balcony or in the garden (in garden apartments)

  • electrical power

  • Shabbat clock - one for the light and one for the air conditioner

  • Three-phase electricity A25x3

  • Preparation for a mini central air conditioner

  • Electric blinds in all the blinds in the house except Dimension, rooms

  • Bathroom/toilet and service balcony, with a solution to open

  • Intercom with a color screen at the entrance to each apartment

  • Preparation for a smart home

Flooring and Tiles:

  • 80x80 flooring in the living room and kitchen (12 shades).

  • 60x60 flooring in the rest of the rooms (except wet rooms)

  • (12 shades).

  • Flooring 33*33 10R

  • Cladding in the bathroom and in the master unit up to the height of the transom

  • Two flooring suppliers

  • services and accessories

  • Hanging toilet with hidden tank in every bathroom

  • A sink for washing hands with a cabinet outside the bath

  • Sink unit with built-in cabinet with drawers in all rooms

  • The bath and showers in the apartment, with a mirror


  • Lower and upper kitchen cabinets

  • A tall build-in unit that includes a storage cupboard

  • Microwave and to place a built-in oven, in the upper part at a height 2.2 meters. The cabinet is included in the kitchen mat that appears above

  • Attached sinks in the kitchen in a flat-acrylic installation or

  • Separate drawers for meat and dairy in the kitchen (two sets)

  • Shades (with the possibility of back and front edge

  • A quality pull-out kitchen faucet

  • Dishwasher preparation

  • All apartments come with storage and parking



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