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New Projects – Residential 

  • Achziv


    from NIS 1600,000


    4 – 5 Rooms


    This hassle free investment in multi unit, single unit or fractional ownership syndicate, is located in Achziv in the Western Galilee region. The Achziv National Park is the main attraction in this quiet coastal village, as well as the finest beaches in Israel.

  • Bat Yam 13.JPG

    Bat Yam

    from NIS 2,300,000


    2 – 5 Rooms


    High-level specification project offering excellent investment opportunities. Most apartments have Sea Views. This new area will comprise of new shops, restaurants, offices and apartments. 5 Minute walk to the beach on the 3rd line.

  • shlomo hamelech 6.JPG



    from NIS 1,930,000

    3 to 5 Rooms


    This charming new residential complex - now being built in the highly sought-after north Netanya area, is two blocks from the sea, in the heart of a quiet and pastoral neighborhood, just steps away from the Nitza promenade and Four Seasons beach.

  • Telzstone-01.jpg



    request prices



    This prestigious "Mevo'ot Yerushalayim" project is being built, offering you an optimal deal: uncompromising top quality housing in the best location on the map. Telz-Stone is within minutes from Jerusalem.

  • NP-RBSH01-3.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Hey 


    from NIS 1,388,000

    3 – 5 Rooms


    The Neve Shamir area will include spacious parks, modern educational centres and much more. This project consists of 10 buildings 6 in the front and 4 in the back. With many difference accommodation options – this is a fabulous opportunity.

  • Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel 2.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 2 


    from NIS 1,480,000

    4 – 5 Bedrooms


    An exclusive project offering excellent location with the highest development standards developed by one of the leading and most reputable developers in the country. Ideally located as part of Gimmel near to RBSA.

  • Dalet 2 small.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled 


    from NIS 1,260,000

    3 – 6 Bedrooms


    The project includes buildings which will benefit from uninterrupted views and includes a wide range of apartments, all featuring highest standard specifications with storage, parking, Sukkah Balconies and so much more.

  • REISDOR 2 .jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled 


    from NIS 1,190,000

    3 – 6 Rooms


    The project is centrally located near a large park, synagogues and shops, transportation and other amenities. public institutions. Apartment views are breathtaking - natural mountain scenery interwoven with new neighborhoods built beneath it.

  • Daled New Project picture 2 .jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled 


    from NIS 1,320,000

    3 – 6 Rooms


    In the heart of a quiet, open area immersed in green spaces, this complex, located at a central spot in Ramat Beit Shemesh D1 includes 7-8-story buildings with quality specifications and advanced environmental development.  

  • nativ 2.png

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled 


    from NIS 1,300,000

    3 – 5 Rooms


    The occupants of this project, comprising of about 280 units, will enjoy a rare quality of life in a large spacious apartment with utilized and meticulous planning, that suits the needs of the ultra-Orthodox sector and high-level technical specifications.

  • NP Daled 04-05.png

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled 


    from NIS 1,250,000

    3 – 5 Rooms


    Continuing the Success at Beit Shemesh Daled 3: a renowned company brings to Beit Shemesh their professional power and reputation. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy a property built to the highest standards.

  • HG 6 Take out logo on top right corner.j

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled 


    from NIS 1,370,000

    3 – 5 Rooms


    The project consists of 6 Complexes comprising 40 buildings of 4 to 5 floors, with a wide selection of 3, 4 and 5 room apartments. Exceptional and high level design, surrounded by rolling hills, this Project enjoys prime positions.

  • Ramat Bet Shemesh - Aleph Nof Hahar.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph 


    from NIS 1,950,000

    3 – 4 Rooms


    Vision to create a cohesive community where families committed to Torah, the Jewish people and Ertz Yisrael can come together in a warm friendly environment to support each other.



  • Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph1.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph


    from NIS 2,950,000

    140sqm – 163sqm


    Vision to create a cohesive community where families committed to Torah, the Jewish people and Ertz Yisrael can come together in a warm friendly environment to support each other. Built to the highest standards.

  • Ramat Bet Shemesh - Aleph Brama 4.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph


    from NIS 1,245,000

    2 Bedrooms


    This brand new project allows families to buy, live and invest in their future with a modern look, feel and design, built to the highest standard of specifications and finishes. Close to all amenities, communities, shops and schools.

  • Gnei Haelah Boutique-1.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph


    from NIS 1,750,000

    3 - 4 Bedrooms


    In the new section of Alpeh comes a new concept of Boutique living shopping and business centre… live work and play all in the same area, overlooking the new park and the start of a new lifestyle that before was only dreamt of.

  • Nofei Shilo 1 .jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph


    from NIS 1,310,000

    3 - 4 Bedrooms


    In the heart of Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph (one of the last new projects in the area) comes this extraordinary Project mixed residential and commercial. Stunning views, excellent finishes, unique in its class. Available in 3 or 4 room unit options.

  • Emerald Gardens-4.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph


    from NIS 4,700,000

    6 Rooms


    One of the most luxurious projects in Israel, available in Ramat Beit Shemesh. New projects already sold out, but a few available for resale. Finishes to the highest specifications, as well as all the modern comforts you could want.

  • RBSA08-02.jpg

    Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph


    Ask for pricing

    6 Rooms


    This stylish project is being built to offer residential living at the highest standards, alongside rich cultural opportunities. This project is impossible to overlook. with its refreshing change to the quality of the local landscape.

  • Aerial View.jpg

    Beit Shemesh


    from NIS 2,100,000

    3 – 5 Bedrooms


    In the heart of the city comes this unique prestigious residential project offering prestigious lifestyle in the prestigious city of Beit Shemesh. Offering Prestigious Lifestyle, quality, design, environment and views. Built to the highest standards.

  • Harish 3.jpg



    from NIS 1,100,000

    3 – 4 Bedrooms


    Built to very high standards and by the leading development company of Israel, and the project is guaranteed by leading bank of Israel Bank Hapoalim.  Commercial space available for purchase below the apartments.

  • Hertzlia Pitucah2.jpg



    from NIS 12,850,000

    3 – 4 Bedrooms


    14 luxury villas by the sea on the last available plot (Freehold) close to the Herzliya Pituach beach. Designed with modern, top facilities Bulthaup kitchen, Fujitsu VRF HVAC, smart home, underfloor heating, elevator, private swimming pool, etc.

  • Minhal Kiryat Hatora.jpg

    Givat Zeev Kiryat Olam Hatorah (NP-GZ01)

    from NIS 990,000


    3 – 6 Bedrooms


    High-level specification project offering excellent investment opportunities for families, first-time buyers, and investors. Priced hundreds and thousands of Shekels below market value to incentive ownership of this government project.

  • Modiin Elmeg 7.jpg



    from NIS 3,300,000

    5 Bedrooms


    Built to the highest standards, this upmarket high level project with unique features, walk to train and bus stations, close to shops schools, communities... an excellent opportunity to live and invest in one of Modiin’s most exclusive projects.

  • Tel Aviv Gindi 1.jpg

    Tel Aviv  


    from NIS 3,800,000

    3 – 4 Bedrooms


    In the centre of Tel Aviv, this property includes state of the art design and specifications, with beautiful parks, schools, boutique stores, swimming pools, health centres, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, elegant lobbies, meeting rooms, conference centre and much more.

  • Tel Aviv Florentine 1.JPG

    Tel Aviv - Florentine


    from NIS 4,165,000

    14 Apartments left!


    Florentine is the cool, hip, arty area offering excellent value for money. This New Modern Residential Project offers prestigious residential city living at its best! Designed for people wanting a high standard of living in a sleek upscale and innovative design.

  • Exterior2.jpg

    Tiberias Exclusive Residence


    from NIS 900,000

    2 – 3 Bedrooms


    An exclusive housing project just steps away from the Old City of Tiberias, offering residential living of fairy tale proportions on the Sea of Galilee. Apartments of varying sizes with spacious terraces & panoramic lake views – a magical living experience.

  • Rannana new project 6 .jpg



    from NIS 2,600,000

    3 – 4 Bedrooms


    High quality finishes, built to highest standard of building specifications.

    Custom interior designs according family requirements. Each apartment has private parking on ground floor and storage room, set in a well-planned, well-managed and clean city.

  • Rannana.jpg



    from NIS 1,967,000

    3 – 4 Bedrooms


    16 Apartments expertly re built to the highest specifications, this project is a few minutes away from the main hub of Ahuza comes this new amazing project in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. Choose from garden units, apartments or penthouses.

  • Rannana 2.jpg



    from NIS 2,500,000

    3 – 4 Bedrooms


    New Exclusive Project in the heart of the city. It only takes a keen eye to see opportunities in the right place, at the right time!!! 4 and 5 room apartments available with patios, garden apartments, and even penthouses. Location is a prime area near Ahuza.

  • J19 Jerusalem-2.jpg



    from NIS 2,009,000


    1 Bedroom


    In the heart of Jerusalem, next to Jaffa and Ben Yehuda, comes this unique modern boutique style lock up and go investment opportunity. Designed to the highest standards by leading Israel Architects. Walk to all the city's most attractive sites.

  • Savyon View-2.jpg



    from NIS 2,400,000


    Multiple room options


    This exclusive project, constructed on the very last land reserve in the bustling city centre, within walking distance of all the holy sites and many popular attractions. Comprises of 24 floors and 170 apartments, with high specifications.

New Projects – Commercial 

Kfar Saba 1.jpg

Kfar Saba


from NIS 8,900sqm

47sqm – 57sqm Offices


Here comes a new unique development combining mixed use offices, commercial space restaurants and a new water amusement park. Bank guaranteed project by Israel leading banks.






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