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Tiberias Lake Kinneret

Location: ISRAEL (NP-TIB02) 

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Spectacular Views – 144 Waterfront Apartments, all are 2 rooms except for the 6 Penthouses are larger.

A magical location that makes a difference  

Lake Kinneret is the lowest sweet lake in the world, and is an architectural creation of nature. The lake environment has been and still is an attraction for settlement and recreation for thousands of years. The project is located in one of the most historic and attractive locations in Israel. The Sea of ​​Galilee has many virtues, many tourists from all over the world visit the city which combines history, nature and landscape, and the weather is comfortable all year round.

Tiberias is one of the most attractive real estate investments in Israel today and there are many reasons for this: Real estate prices in Tiberias are far away. Very still of their real value, in the near future many investments are planned in the city, including the 'Focus Effort' program of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, in the framework of which hundreds will be invested Millions of shekels in ten Israeli cities, including Tiberias, the train route planned to reach Tiberias, and the government's decision to allocate huge budgets to the city in preparation for the city's 2000th anniversary celebrations. Add to this the fact that this is a unique project that overlooks the panoramic view of the Sea of ​​Galilee that allows you to purchase a boutique apartment in a location that is not and will not be like it, and you will understand why you have an opportunity A one-time investment that will only increase and improve over the years.


Unit Sizes and Prices   

  • Option to add private pool to Waterfront apartments

  • Panoramic Kinneret views

  • Waterfront and Gym

  • Perfect Location

  • Best Kinneret views

  • Sports and entertainment with many attractions, biking, hiking, boating horse riding, ATV Jeeping, Hang Gliding, Kite Surfing

  • 2-3 Room options

  • Water front apartments

  • Kinneret View Apartments

  • Beautiful panoramic views

  • Beautiful balconies

  • Luxury penthouse options

Contact us today for available Options & Sizes 



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