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Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled  
Location: ISRAEL (NP-RBSD13)


A comprehensive and holistic solution for all the needs of the home and family. It offers an extraordinary quality of living so that your future and your community will be nothing less than perfect.

You will find over 1,000 well-planned and designed housing units, parks and playgrounds that include accessible passages to all parts of the residential complexes, excellent schools, wonderful kindergartens, magnificent shuls and betei midrash, modern mikvahs, thousands of square meters of commercial and employment zones and well developed public transportation that will take you anywhere and back.


Far from the rush and bustle of the city, opposite a green forested landscape, you will enjoy vibrant and enriched communal living thanks to a diverse and high-quality community fabric that constitutes a healthy environment in which to raise your family.

The residential complexes and public structures are built to particularly high quality with a commitment to the strictest regulatory standards and a long-term vision that makes smart use of the region’s characteristics.


  • 3 Rooms with Option 94 m2 + 14 m2 Options + 22m2 Balcony 2,300,000 NIS

  • 4 Rooms 100m2 with Balcony 20m2 2,450,000 NIS

  • Premium 6 room Building #43 apt# 6 lobby level with Views 146M2 Balcony 40 m2 3.600,000 NIS

  • Penthouse 6 rooms 154 m2 + 116 m2 Balcony 4.400,000 NIS

  • Duplex garden Building #7 apt #1 5 rooms 142sqm+ 187sqm garden 4.095,000 NIS

  • 5 rooms 121 m2 Garden 146m2 garden with View 3,686,000 NIS

Available Now - Hurry units are selling.


For available options, sizes, prices please CONTACT US for information.



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