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Location: ISRAEL (NP-JERU06)


The New Phase is located in the south-eastern corner of Jerusalem, adjacent to the amazing Armon Ha-Natsiv Promenade, and opposite the breath-taking walls of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.


The project contains spacious and accessorized 3-6 room apartments, some of which with private gardens, and others with
a large balcony.
The project will be comprised of 22 residential buildings and a total of 360 apartments that will be added to
Phase A' currently populated with 96 families.


All the apartments have been well-planned and combine modern building with preservation of the unique scenic line of Jerusalem. A neighborhood shopping center, public areas, and two unique hotels will be constructed at the entrance to the neighborhood as part of future neighborhood development.

3 rooms - 81 sqm, balcony 7-13 sqm  
4 rooms - 105/ 112 sqm, balcony  9/18/20 sqm
5 rooms - 124/132 sqm, balcony 12/13.5 sqm or garden 107-200 sqm


Each apartment has:

• one parking place

• machsan/storage room 4-5 sqm

Contact us for more info, prices, sizes, to book a meeting and to register for this project.



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