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Harish – With faith we build for our community 

Location: ISRAEL (NP-HAR01)

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With a current population of approximately 2,000 residents and an anticipated population of 60,000 by 2030, Harish is a new city that is rapidly taking shape. Harish is located between Haifa and Tel Aviv, and east of Hadera and Caesarea.

Affordability has been a guiding aspect of Harish’s development. The land allocated for the city by the State of Israel was sold to developers at lowered prices as part of a program to pass on lower housing costs to apartment buyers. The current apartment prices are attracting young couples in particular – with prices that are 15-30% lower than the nearby cities of Hadera and Pardes Hanna-Karkur. Approximately 5,500 apartments are currently built or in advanced stages of completion, and a further 5,000 are projected to be built in a second development stage.

The city is being designed with modern planning that includes many parks, public buildings, wider sidewalks and bicycle paths. Its long-term vision is to be a mixed city of different communities, but not socially fragmented. This vision is being incorporated into the design of the city with shared public spaces between buildings and neighbourhoods, as well as events sponsored by the municipality in order to bring residents together. Harish is still, however, in an early stage of its growth. Huge resources are pouring in, but it is still very much in transition from its beginnings as a yishuv that is transforming quickly and intentionally into a city.


Available Unit Sizes and Options

  • 4 Rooms, 3 bedrooms 92sqm with 14sqm Terrace.
    Prices from: NIS 1,100,000.

  • 5 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms 113sqm with 14sqm Terrace.
    Prices from: NIS 1,370,000

  • 4 Rooms, 3 bedrooms, Garden units.
    Prices from: NIS 1,350,000. 

  • 5 Rooms, 4 bedrooms, Garden units.
    Prices from: NIS 1,450,000.

  • 5 Room, 4 bedrooms Penthouse units.
    Prices from: NIS 1, 800,000.

Additional information 

  • Built to very high standards and specifications by leading development company of Israel. 

  • Project Guaranteed by leading bank of Israel Bank Hapoalim. 

  • Ideal for Dati Leumi Community.

  • Close to Netanya, Hadeira & Pardes Chana. 

  • ½ Hour to Petach Tikvah and 15 Minutes from the Ocean and Beach.

  • Each apartment has 2 sinks in the kitchen  for meat and milk, Shabbat Elevator, Shabbat Lift, Hand washing areas and Sukkah Mirepeset (Terrace).  

  • Apartments air condition is additional price per clients requirements. 

  • Commercial space available for purchase below the apartments.



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