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Tel Aviv


Invest in Israel
Invest in Tel Aviv High end Market
Minimum Investment from 2.5 million NIS

In Process

Property Description

Join a leading development company that’s been active for over 15 years in the high-end residential real estate development sector in the city of Tel Aviv.

Since its establishment, the company has built and delivered 700 Apartments in 20 completed and occupied projects.

An additional 400 housing units in 11 projects are in various execution stages and are expected to be completed in the next 30 months.

The projects developed by the company over the years include conservation buildings, classic boutique Tel Aviv buildings, and even residential complexes comprised of several buildings.

To date, the company has raised NIS 200 million in three previous rounds of funding from private investors to finance its activities, with a total revenue turnover of NIS 2 billion. Over the years, the company has developed first-class skills and professionalism in one of the most complex markets in the State of Israel while setting new standards of luxury in urban renewal projects. These standards, expressed at all stages, from initiation to after delivery, allow the company to collect a premium compared to similar projects of other developers.

The company’s team is comprised of leading professionals in their field, with decades of experience of Uncompromising Quality.

Current funding round

As part of the current round, the aim for a total fundraising of approximately NIS 100 million, including a commitment to invest NIS 5% (up to NIS 5 million) from the company's partners.

The timing of the current round is aimed at taking advantage of the unique opportunities created in the real estate market in Israel in general and in Tel Aviv in particular due to the situation in the financial markets and the changes expected by the TAMA law (demolition and rebuilding) during 2024.

In recent months, the company has already signed several bindings "Tama 38/2 agreements" and is in advanced negotiations on several additional projects.

 The funds from the current round are intended to finance approximately 20 projects in Tel Aviv's most sought-after streets.

 The company plans to acquire this new pipeline of projects by the end of 2025 , advance the design and permitting process for each signed project, issue building permits, and start construction of the first batch of projects in the second half of 2026.

• A call for equity will be carried out over a period of about 30 months, starting with the signing of a binding agreement with the owners and ending with the issuance of the building permit and the entry into the banking accompaniment.

• Investors will be given the opportunity to purchase an apartment in the project, under the condition of Presale, 14 days before the public, in a model that also combines the return on investment and the expected profit. (Subject to the approval of the accompanying bank.)

Competitive Benefits for Investing with the company

•       A leading developer with extensive and proven experience in Tel Aviv (the most complex market in Israel.

•       Recurring satisfied investor base.

•       Getting a premium compared to competitors.

•       Slim and experienced staff, "one-stop shop"

•       Strong relationships and reputation in financial institutions, execution contractors, and suppliers.

•       Alignment of interests with investors in all stages.

·        significant investment of the company in the financing round.

Contact us today to meet with the company and find out how you can benefit from this opportunity.

Contact info: Israel-Properties, 

+972 50 446 9515 + 972 50 446 9516 +972 2 568 6578



Unit size:



Minimum Investment from 2.5 Million NIS 

Prefered Investment 5 Million NIS


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Payment Options

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Property Location

Tel Aviv, Israel

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