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9 Best Israel Real Estate Sites

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Best Israel Real Estate Site for 2023

Israel's real estate market is dynamic and diverse, attracting foreign investors and homebuyers from around the world. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic location, Israel offers unique opportunities for property investment and ownership. However, navigating this market as a foreigner can be challenging, especially when dealing with language barriers and unfamiliar legal systems. This comprehensive guide introduces the eight best real estate sites for 2023, specifically designed for English-speaking foreigners looking to buy property in Israel.

Our Top Choice - Jpost Real Estate

In our quest to identify the best real estate websites in Israel for 2023, Jpost Real Estate stands out as the pinnacle choice. Navigating the intricate landscape of Israeli real estate has never been easier, thanks to Jpost's extensive property listings, seasoned experts, and user-friendly website. Their commitment to client satisfaction, transparent transactions, and a unique blend of local insight and global perspective sets them apart from the competition. When it comes to your real estate needs in Israel this year, Jpost Real Estate should be your first and foremost choice. Explore their offerings at Jpost Real Estate and experience excellence in the field.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Israel Real Estate Site

  1. Language Accessibility: English-language services are essential for clear communication and understanding of complex real estate transactions. Websites offering services in English are invaluable for foreigners who may not be fluent in Hebrew.

  2. Market Insights: Stay informed with websites that provide up-to-date market analysis and trends. Understanding the local real estate landscape is key to making informed decisions.

  3. Service Range: Opt for websites that offer a wide range of services, including buying, selling, renting, and legal advice. Comprehensive services simplify the real estate process and provide support at every step.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: A well-designed, easy-to-navigate website can greatly enhance your property search experience. Sites with user-friendly interfaces save time and reduce stress.

Top three recommended properties in Israel right now

These three properties represent a range of options in Israel's real estate market, from serene retreats to historical gems and luxurious coastal living. Explore the provided links for more details and images of these remarkable properties.

The 9 Best Israel Real Estate Sites

  1. Jpost Real Estate: Jpost Real Estate shines as the ultimate destination for English-speaking real estate enthusiasts in Israel. With an intuitive platform and a wealth of resources, it's the go-to choice for foreigners looking to navigate the Israeli market. From a diverse directory of English-speaking real estate experts to a vast collection of property listings, Jpost Real Estate ensures a seamless experience for those seeking to invest in the Israeli real estate scene. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, Jpost Real Estate's tailored insights and user-friendly approach make it your trusted partner in the Israeli property journey.

  2. Buyitinisrael: This site stands out for its comprehensive insights tailored for English-speaking buyers. It features a directory of English-speaking real estate agents and offers extensive resources on buying property in Israel, making it a top choice for foreign investors.

  3. iHomes: iHomes is a bilingual real estate marketplace ideal for a range of real estate transactions. Its user-friendly interface and English-Hebrew options make it accessible to a wider audience.

  4. Known for its extensive property listings in Israel, caters specifically to international buyers. It offers a vast array of properties, from urban apartments to rural homes.

  5. Century 21 Global: This site features real estate listings in Israel with a global perspective, making it an excellent resource for international real estate investors.

  6. It delivers essential guidelines for property transactions in Israel. The site is particularly helpful for understanding the nuances of the Israeli real estate market.

  7. HomeSearchIsrael: Specializing in luxury home purchases, this site is perfect for those looking for high-end properties in Israel’s most sought-after locations.

  8. Rightmove: As the UK's leading property website, Rightmove features a variety of Israeli properties, appealing to British investors and expatriates.

  9. Times of Israel: This renowned news site offers valuable insights into Israel's current housing market, making it a useful resource for staying informed about market trends and developments.


Navigating Israel's dynamic real estate landscape, particularly for foreign investors, demands reliable, informative, and accessible resources.

Our foremost choice, Jpost Real Estate, leads the pack by offering an exceptional platform tailored for English speakers, along with comprehensive resources and services. Close behind, iHomes and provide valuable alternatives, boasting extensive listings and user-friendly interfaces. Each platform on this list has been carefully chosen for its distinct strengths in addressing the requirements of foreign buyers, guaranteeing a more seamless and informed real estate experience in Israel.

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