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Condominium and Land Investments in Israel

Many people are looking for a second home in Israel, some are thinking about aliyah, while others looking for medium term investments in larger projects because they believe in the strength of the Israeli economy.

Others are looking to purchase land for the building of condominiums, communities and even small strips of land for future development.

Let's talk about them

1. Small strips of land

Developers are constantly buying and preparing land for development throughout Israel. At this stage the land is much cheaper as it still has to pass certain committee satges until development is fully approved. Depending on the stage of development you purchase, the more of a profit you will make. We would never recommend people to purchase in the earliest stage of development, because the wait can be 10 years. But, there are some projects just a few months from final approval and real bargains can be made in these projects. You can also sell your strip at different stages of the development, giving you a nice profit. Small strips are available from as little as 500,000 NIS.

2. Condominiums

These come in all shapes and sizes.

a) We have land available and ready to build 250 villas and 700 apartments in central Israel.

A project like this could set you back 75 million NIS but can bring you a return of 300 million NIS in 5 years.

b) We have more modest projects of 54 million NIS in Bnei Brak, 39 million NIS in Caesarea, Bat Yam and many other areas of Israel, and as low as 14 million other popular areas.

We have many more modest projects, both commercial and residential, in excellent locations and will help you find the project that is most suited to your budget.

We also have excellent architects, lawyers and builders to take the project through from beginning to end.

Alternatively, we can help you find the perfect home for you, wherever in Israel you would like to buy.

Contact us today.

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