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Let’s Hear it (again) for Britain’s Working Class

Britain’s wealthy establishment has always been built on the back of the hard work of Britain’s working classes. And the working classes have always stood up when the establishment have failed the country and needed them come in and save them

The disastrous British leadership throughout World War I and the early stages of World War II didn’t stop its working classes for fighting to the death to protect the country they loved.

The never say die attitude of the British Tommy and their total selflessness, ensured that Britain was victorious in both those wars, despite that poor leadership. And the paid the price with much blood.

On Thursday, the British working classes stood up once again to sacrifice itself and save Britain from another catastrophe: Jeremy Corbyn.

How ironic, that the establishment in wealthy areas such as Putney and Hammersmith, with their overpriced houses, went Labour, while coalmining districts, that were devastated in the Thatcher years, that had never had Tory representation, turned Conservative.

The working classes voted while holding their noses, for a party they detested, because they knew they needed to save Britain from the evil that is Jeremy Corbyn. And as well as saving Britain, they saved British Jewry.

Britain’s working classes: the bravest of the brave. We, the Jewish people, salute you.

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