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Ramat Beit Shemesh - Aleph

Location: ISRAEL (NP-RBSA02)

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Vision to create a cohesive community where families committed to Torah, the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael can come together in a warm friendly environment to support each other.

In the new section of Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph next to Nahl Yarmuth Park.

Developed and built by a leading Israel development company to the highest standards and specifications creating a unique lifestyle of exquisite taste and unparalleled proportions. 


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Information about Nahal Yarmuth Park

Enclosed are detail about Nahl Yarmuth Park adjacent to the projects "Nof Hahar" and "Ganei HaEla". 

Published on the Beit Shemesh Municipality site by the Spokesman's Office.


Within one year, Yarmuth Park will be set up between the neighborhoods of Beit Shemesh. At the first stage, the park will cover 200 dunams and will include an ecological lake. The cost of erecting the first stage is approx. 30 million NIS.

Indeed, an attraction, which has so far been the lot of many cities, will also come true here.

  • A lake will be built here! Within one year, 'Yarmuth Park will be set up.

  • The park will cover at the first stage over 200 dunams and will include and ecological lake.

  • The cost of building the first stage: approx.  30 million NIS.

  • The opening date of the park: within one year

  • The Mayor, Mr. Moshe Abutbul: "With God's help, we continue keeping our promises to the residents, the park will serve as a magnet to hundreds of thousands of visitors a year".

The Mayor's promise – perhaps the most famous one – about setting up a lake at Beit Shemesh is taking shape, and now the Mayor, Mr. Moshe Abutbul is announcing the establishing of a huge park, with a lake at its center, within less than one year.

In a special professional tour that the Mayor conducted at the location, the plans of "Yarmuth Park", which will cover over hundreds of dunams, were presented. Stage A of the Park will cover over 200 dunams, will include an ecological lake of about one and a half dunams, as part of the open landscape of the Park and will be based on gushing underground waters existing at the place.

The Park will include several huge playground facilities, divided respectively according to age groups, and a wide system of pedestrians bicycle trails, which will also serve to connect between neighborhood M' 3 to the neighborhood of Ramat Beit Shemesh C 2. Later on, following the execution of Stage B of the Park, they will connect also between the neighborhoods of Ramat Beit Shemesh E to the main business center.

In addition, the Park will include large lawns across the park, including nearby the lake, as well as two regulated public parking lots and two public toilets for the benefit of the park visitors. Special attention was given to alleviating the suffering of the residents and their children when in the areas of the playground facilities and in additional extensive areas in the park – by installing shading systems from the blazing sun.

Furthermore, special areas in the Park will be allocated to serve for picnics and BBQ and will be lit also at night, and an additional area will serve as a community garden, when residents may receive a private garden bed for growing vegetables and plants.

An additional unique aspect to be integrated into the park is the conservation of the rare archeological remains discovered in these areas, which will undergo a preservation process for presentation to the public. Furthermore, later on a 'petting zoo' will be integrated into the park for the city children.

The Mayor, Mr. Moshe Abutbul said on the tour: ' This concerns the repayment of an additional promise to the residents of Beit Shemesh, who will be awarded a lake, which will be integrated into an additional huge municipal park. The setting up of the Park is currently entering the execution stage following the thought and detailed planning stage adjusted to families with many children and their unique needs. Similar to its smaller brother 'HaTapu'ach Park', also Yarmuth Park will serve as a magnet and will serve hundreds of thousands of visitors from Beit Shemesh and elsewhere.

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