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Ramat Beit Shemesh - Aleph

Location: ISRAEL (NP-RBSA03)

Ramat Bet Shemesh - Aleph Brama .jpg

In the heart of Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph comes this brand new project allowing families to buy live and invest in their future with a modern look feel and design built by master leading builders to the highest standard of specifications and finishes allowing families the opportunity to own and live in their own brand new home units with street or park views close to all amenities, communities, shops, schools families and friends.

  • 7 Buildings 1,2,3,4, mostly sold approx. 12 available around December 2018. Show unit available to view. 

  • Buildings 5,6,7 units available. 84 units available. 

  • Each building 7 floors. Entry level floor, 3 floors below entry,
    3 floors above entry. 

  • Buildings 1-4 – Key hand-over 6 months, around December 2018. 

  • Buildings 5,6,7 – Key hand over from August 2018 approx. February 2020. 

  • 4 apartments per floor. 2 facing road, 2 facing Gimmel.

  • All units 3 Rooms between 74 & 76sqm with different size Mirepesets (Terraces).

  • Parking available for each unit on a first-come-first-serve basis, not allocated. 

  • All units Machsans not included, an additional NIS 10,000 per
    4sqm or 7sqm Machsan. 

  • All units additional costs for each Air-conditioning. 

  • All buildings with Shabbat Elevator.

  • All Buildings built according to high specifications and with modern finishes. 


Available Unit Sizes and Options

  • Street Level 3 Room, 2 Bedroom, street facing units, 74sqm with 12sqm Terrace. Prices from: NIS 1,245,000 (with parents en suite bathrooms). 

  • 2ndFloor, 3 Room, 2 Bedroom, Facing RBS Gimmel, 76sqm with 10sqm Terraces and bathroom (not en suite).
    Prices from: NIS 1,260,000.

  • 1STFloor units, 3 Room, 2 Bedroom, Facing RBS Gimmel, 76sqm with 18sqm Terraces and bathroom (not en suite).
    Prices from: NIS 1,290,000.

  • Units with Bigger Terraces start from NIS 1,335,000.

  • Corner Units Additional NIS 30,000 to NIS 40,000.

  • Garden Units 1st floor below street entry level with 70sqm Gardens and 3 Machsans with option to enclose the Machsans for additional Rooms. Prices from: NIS 1,477,000 with 71sqm Garden or from NIS 1,429,000 with 50sqm Garden. 



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