Location: Southeast of Tel Aviv–Yafo (NP-LOD01)

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Lod city, central Israel, on the Plain of Sharon southeast of Tel Aviv–Yafo


Of ancient origin, it is mentioned several times in the Bible the city was a well-known centre of Jewish scholars and merchants from the 5th century. 


Lod is a major Israeli transportation hub, with an important railway and road junction, but principally because of David Ben-Gurion International Airport located (8 km) north. The area is one of Israel’s largest industries used for servicing and repairing civilian aircraft and building commercial and military jet aircraft. Lod also manufactures paper and cardboard, food preserves, and electrical appliances.


New Project Lod ideal investment opportunity 

  • Key hand over expected 5 years from August 2018. 

  • All units have a 12sqm Terrace.

  • All units have an allocated parking. 

Available Unit’s Sizes and Prices for Land only 

  • 3 Room Land unit. Price: NIS 299,000.

  • 4 Room Land Unit. Price: NIS 349,000.

  • 5 Room Land unit. Price: NIS 399, 000.

Available Unit's Sizes Prices for Land Units and Built
(All Inclusive)  

  • 3 Room Land unit. Price: NIS 750,000.

  • 4 Room Land Unit. Price: NIS 950,000.

  • 5 Room Land unit. Price: NIS 1,150,000.

Very attractive payment terms and options to incentivise investment and ownership. 


100,000 NIS secures payable over 36 months.


Bank Guaranteed Project.