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Life Lessons from the Car Wash

Normally I wash my car myself or get the kids to do it. After all, why should I waste my money when I can wash it perfectly well myself?

It's the same thing with home repairs. Why should I get a plumber, electrician or a handyman when I can do basic maintenance and repairs myself?

However, my car had some body work and repainting done, so I wanted it washed and waxed professionally.

Well, here’s what I discovered at the car wash:

  • They do a much thorough cleaning than I can

  • They can do it much quicker than I can

  • I don’t actually enjoy washing the car

  • It saved time me as I was able to go to the supermarket while they cleaned it

  • It even saved me money as I got free parking at the supermarket (time is money too)

It’s the same with the house repairs - professionals save me time, money - they can buy materials at a cheaper rate than I can - and my wife doesn’t have to nag me for two months till I eventually do it.

It’s also the same when buying a home. You can spend a couple of months researching locations, availability, prices and making appointments, or a broker can do all this for you.

A good broker can even save you a lot of money. Last month, a client wanted to buy an apartment from a contractor in Neve Shamir. We knew how much someone had paid the previous week for a similar apartment, and we had a good relationship with the developer. Therefore, we were able to negotiate a 40,000 NIS discount. That was more than our fee.

I think I’ll take my car to the car wash more often.

We work hard for all our clients and always work hard to get them the best value for money. Contact us today and we promise to do the same for you.

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