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Wherefore Now, America?

The events in the United States over the last few days have been very upsetting.

The country is very divided and it is hard to see how it can heal.

This divisiveness could not have come at a worse time. America has a huge trillion dollar debt and is struggling to get Covd under control.

In just one day, the dollar fell from 3.21 shekels to the dollar to 3.18. That is on top of the depreciation of the previous 3 months from 3.45. This morning it dropped to 3.15. Depressing.

This downward trend is unlikely to be reversed in the short term, as Israel believes that by May, its economy will open up and start firing once again, as a result of its successful vaccination program.

Please God, America will recover, but it will take a lot of time. In the meantime, it's time to invest in Israel.

We can help you find something that will address your needs, will give you a passive income, and perhaps most importantly, a home in Israel

Maybe you want to think about other options, like Dubai.

Let's chat about your options today.

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