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Why do want to buy a property?


In order to help you buy the apartment you’re looking for, it’s important for you to clarify why you want to buy an apartment.

The answer to that question will help you decide where to buy, what kind of apartment to buy and how much you should invest the apartment. For example, if you want to live in the apartment, the location and the state of the apartment are the most important areas to consider.

If you want an income producing apartment, then the specific location is less important. Another point to consider is that the income of two smaller apartments might be greater than one larger apartment.

If you’re looking for a capital gains investment, you might be interested in a new project or a rundown apartment that needs renovating.

There could be many other reasons why you want to buy: to have a holiday home, to get on the property ladder, to invest for your children, to create passive income and more.

We at Israel Properties can help you talk through the issues with you enabling you to make the most informed decision you can possibly make.

Call/WhatsApp us today for a free consultation.

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