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Location: ISRAEL (NP-ACH01)

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Achziv is located in the Western Galilee region of northern Israel, on the Mediterranean coast about 15km north of Akko, south of Rosh HaNikra, and close to the city of Nahariya. The Achziv National Park is the main attraction in this quiet coastal village. The national park consists of a stretch of beach bordered by rocky cliffs, lagoons and sea pools both natural and manmade.  


Achziv was one of the cities of Asher and is mentioned in the Mishnah and Talmud.  


For tourists the most important part of Achziv is the beach, recognized by locals as one of the finest in Israel. There are coves, cliffs and naturally formed lagoons where you can discover marine life which has not yet been scared away by the human visitors 


On Achziv Beach during the summer you’ll find lifeguards, first aid service, showers, a café, a playground and restrooms.


Price & Budget 


  • 4 Room apartment from 1,600,000 NIS* 

  • 5 Room apartment from 1,850,000 NIS*

  • Purchase tax: Assume 8%**

  • Furbishment, furniture & fittings: Assume 10% of apt cost price

  • Lawyers fees: 1% of cost price*.

  • Project admin fees to Anglo Capital: 2% + VAT of apt cost price

  • Realtors fees to Israel Properties: 2% + VAT of apt cost price

  • *All costs are estimates. Actual figures to be provided on application.

  • ** Your lawyer will advise you the actual purchase tax due depending on your circumstances.

  • Note: The actual return % will be a function of total costs, actual rental rates achieved and actual occupancy rates achieved.

The Opportunity

  • Hassle free investment in multi unit, single unit or fractional ownership syndicate.

  • Your ownership % of property registered on your name.

  • Managed short term rentals providing above-average NIS return.

  • rentals can be pooled with similar properties to smooth returns.

  • Usage rental discounts for property owners.

  • Your share of rentals less expenses paid net of Israeli tax direct to your international bank account - no need to open an Israeli tax file.

  • Lawyer structured & accompanied deal.



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