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What we do for you…

  • We specialize in SALES of projects and residential properties for both local and foreign buyers and investors.
    - New projects
    - Existing properties

  • We provide our clients with a wide range of property choices and related requirements in most of the major cities in Israel. A very large selection of choices.

  • We assist our clients to navigate the Israel property market holding their hand every step of the way.

  • We also offer a full range of property management services after key hand over.

  • We specialize in PROJECTS with a unique service, offering where you can select us to manage the entire process on your behalf, from start to finish. We become your eyes and ears on the ground.


  • We help our clients to select their professional team and then we work with this team on our client’s behalf every step of the way – this team includes lawyers, mortgage consultants, forex companies, banks, architects, designers, engineers, builders, designers any and all required suppliers.


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  • We have a successful proven track record of almost 25 years in real estate with thousands of satisfied clients.

  • We have a wide reach and are able to provide you with what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

  • We save you time, effort and money.

  • We have a very strong network of expert service providers in property that assist us in helping you with all your real estate requirements.

  • We have an excellent reputation.

  • We give outstanding service, and go above and beyond what can be reasonably expected.

  • Buying, selling or investing in property in a foreign country is daunting to say the least.

  • Things work differently in Israel.

  • We know the system, and we will hold your hand, guide you and help you every step of the way.

  • It's what we do.

Why choose Israel Properties?

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We help our
Buyers and Investors by:

  • Providing a wide range of property choices.

  • Representing and negotiating the best possible deal on the property.

  • Assisting with legal representation, financial and related service providers, mortgage consultants, international transfer of funds, engineers and
    other providers.


  • Working with these professionals on our client’s behalf and overseeing the process for them.

  • Assisting with choices of finishes and upgrades
    or renovations and installations.


  • Assisting foreign and local buyers and investors.

  • Helping new Olim.

  • Finding and placing renters.

  • Managing properties, guiding every step of the way.

  • Cooperation with all realtors and providers.


  • Years of experience.

  • Our proven successful track record, industry knowledge and know how.

  • Having assess to large database of expert providers for our buyers and investors.


  • Proven successful track record, industry knowledge and know how.



We help
Developers & Sellers by:

  • Representing sellers, developers and builders.

  • Helping them promote and sell their properties
    and projects.


  • Our cutting-edge marketing and activities.

  • Focused search engine optimization.

  • Taking property photos and videos of your property.

  • Providing virtual tours & professional photography for exclusive properties

  • Anglo orientated advertising and focus.

  • Digital social media marketing.

  • Using select local and international newspapers and magazines.

  • Frequent email blasts.

  • Frequent blogs industry relevant information
    and tips.


  • Conferences, road shows and exhibitions.

  • Cooperation with all area realtors.

  • Having assess to large database of clients
    and investors.


  • Proven successful track record, industry knowledge and know how.


Welcome to Israel Properties. Nice to meet you,
I am Toviyah/Trevor Stamelman

I have been in real estate for almost 25 years. I am a master practitioner in real estate and an award winning realtor. I have helped thousands of people buy, sell, invest and manage their properties over the years. Let me help you!

With our dedicated team of professionals, staff and associates and our extensive contacts and network we have the unique ability to help you every step of the way navigate the real estate market in Israel, to find the perfect home or property that fits your needs wants and budget. We are passionate about what we do. We are successful
and we enjoy doing what we do. Every day we able to help people by offering them our service knowledge, skills and experience to make their dreams come true of home and property investment and ownership in Israel. We are a pleasure to deal with and we guarantee you excellent service, honesty, transparency, reliability and responsibility.

Trevor 2022flipped.png

Guiding you every step of the way, helping you secure your future in
Israel through property ownership and investment.

Our mission is to add value for you, to make your journey of property investment and home ownership in Israel as simple, hassle free and enjoyable as possible.


We have a successful proven track record over many years. We have a wide reach and
are able to provide you what you want quickly and efficiently, saving you time, effort
and money.


Buying & Selling property and investing in property especially in a foreign country is daunting we hold your hand guide you and help you every step of the way it's what
we do.

By doing what we do best and providing you with what you want we offer you peace
of mind. We are a trusted name with an excellent reputation.

Together with our network and business our relationships and cooperating agents and service providers we are able to offer you all you want and need when buying and investing and selling properties in Israel.

​​​We work with a team of partners and staff working in partnership with other cooperating agents and service providers & partners in Israel that allows us to offer and provide you these expert real estate products and services.


Assisting you select legal representation, financial and related service providers, mortgage consultants, international transfer of funds, engineers, architects upgrades
or renovations choices of finishes, finding a renter placing a renter ensuring income is generated and rent received. Looking after your assets for you managing your properties for you, we take care of it all for you guiding you every step of the way.


We are passionate about service delivery we work with complete integrity and confidentiality, and pride ourselves on treating others as we would like to be treated.
We are highly experienced and focused on what we do and our mission is to assist our clients with all aspects of their property requirements.


We have a team of dedicated like-minded individuals who share our vision and mission to deliver excellent services creating lifelong relationships and allow our clients to prosper through their dealings with us.


We help you own and invest property in Israel. We help you manage your properties, helping you earn a return on your investment.

Offering you all your real estate options and services with extraordinary service and extraordinary trust.

Image by Shai Pal


Trevor has been a pleasure to deal with. I don't think I have ever worked with someone as responsive and attentive to questions and issues. Given the significance of the purchase we wanted to make sure we considered all possibilities and felt confident we would be happy with our decision. Trevor worked with us with great patience and understanding, all the time validating the need for us to weigh our choices seriously and rejecting the notion that we had to apologize for taking up his time in the process. We are looking forward to working together with him and Shirley in the next stage of the process, and highly recommend Israel Properties to those, like us, who are making this purchase from afar... 

- The Y Family – USA 

Trevor and Lara helped us comb many neighborhoods till we found a property that spoke to us.
Their experience and expertise is only surpassed by heir passion for what they do. If it was not for their team we would never have achieved our dream of home ownership in Israel.
Thank you both.

- DT & Family

We highly recommend Trevor and Shirley Stamelman and team. They ensured that we would have the perfect property within our budget. They helped every step of the way. When we moved to Israel, we weren't sure we wanted to buy an apartment. Trevor talked us through the process and we bought a small apartment. After a year, the property value increased and Trevor walked us through the complex process of flipping the apartments on paper. Shirley came with us to appointments to help us communicate with the Kablan and we were very happy with their professionalism and warmth through the entire process. We highly recommend Trevor and Shirley to buy your dream home in Israel.

- Donni and Tali Shimanovich


Save Money and Time with Israel's Premier Currency Transfer Experts.

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Israel Properties works hand-in-hand with IsraTransfer for safe money transfer, plus:

  • Better Exchange Rates than the Bank.

  • Total Transparency with No Hidden Fees.

  • Convenient Online Client Access.

  • English-Speaking Customer Service.

  • Fully Licensed by the Israel Ministry of Finance.

  • Exclusive Operator of the AACI Currency Exchange Program.

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